My personal "installer" for using Alpine Linux as a daily driver
Remove reference to pulse audio in the README
Dump pulseaudio and only use alsa. Also minor cosmetic tweaks to waybar
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Replace hard-coded user with $ALPUSER


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Alpine Linux Setup

#What is This

An absolutely bare-bones Sway Desktop Alpine installation.

This is meant to be a minimal build to help you get started with Alpine Linux.

#What You Get

initial login

  • swaywm
  • waybar
  • wofi
  • qutebrowser
  • foot
  • aerc-mail
  • tut
  • thunar
  • azote
  • curl
  • gawk
  • zsh
  • bash
  • pipwire
  • alsa
  • clipman
  • python3
  • sudo
  • vim
  • micro

..and a little bit more. Take a look through the setup.sh to see all included packages (and feel free to remove things you don't want/need!)

#Before You Begin

You will need to edit some of the content inside the setup.sh file. Most importantly, changing the default user and name that gets created during the installation process. Feel free to also look through the include dotfiles and tweak as you see fit.

#Base Installation

  • download iso from internet
  • flash iso to USB drive
  • run setup-alpine script:
    • us
    • us
    • [custom-hostname]
    • eth0
    • EST
    • none
    • none
    • 1
    • none
    • busybox
    • sda
    • sys
    • y
  • reboot

#Auto Personalization

  • login as root
  • apk add vim
  • edit /etc/apk/repositories and give access to all repos
  • apk add sudo bash
  • edit /etc/sudoers and give :wheel group full access
  • apk add git
  • git clone https://git.sr.ht/~bt/alpine-linux-setup
  • cd alpine-linux-setup
  • ash setup.sh if your repos are already set


Heavily taken/inspired from both: