Planet Earth


I'm Brad, a UX designer, developer, and technical writer who creates enjoyable experiences for humans. Passionate about open source software, usability and minimal design.


A list of web pages weighing less than 1 kilobyte (1,024 bytes)


Website files for my personal blog: btxx.org


An extremely minimal blog generator


Source code for jsfree.org: A community-curated collection of web services that work without JavaScript.


A very simple and minimal markup language


A growing collection of performance-focused web pages weighing less than 1 megabyte.


A collection of HTML-focused websites and a simple blog.


My personal fork of st.


My personal fork of slstatus.


My personal fork of slock.


My personal fork of dmenu.


My personal fork of dwm.


Core README file for the alpine-suck project page


Lightweight Desktop installer for Alpine Linux based on the suckless philosophy.


Pure CSS form plugin weighing less than 6KB

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