Planet Earth


I'm Brad, a UX-focused front-end designer, technical writer, and self-taught developer who creates enjoyable experiences for humans. Passionate about open source software, usability and minimal design.


My personal website and blog


A growing collection of performance-focused web pages weighing less than 1 megabyte.


A list of web pages weighing less than 1 kilobyte


A minimal FreeBSD installer based on suckless philosophy


My personal configs and patches for slstatus


My personal dwm configs and patches


Minimal blog engine in a tiny shell script


A text-based, RSS focused blogging "system"


The official XHTML Club website


Basic installer script for suckless programs on OpenBSD


dwm configured for OpenBSD


slstatus configured for OpenBSD


Pandoc static blog generator


Alpine Linux installer running core suckless programs


The official website for the Alpine Suck installer

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