079d274c — Brandon Sprague 2 years ago
Implement more of the game

Start adding legit error handling, game state management, and card
3832ddd2 — Brandon Sprague 2 years ago
Refactor server + client a bit and remove Test endpoint

Start getting us ready for primetime by adding a basic REPL for the
testclient and making the server a little less unwieldly for working
with games.
a1645385 — Brandon Sprague 2 years ago
Start adding actual server/client stuff

Figure out how to make long-lived things in Rust. Turns out the secret
is giving Arc<Mutex<T>> that are owned by the RPC call, which resolves
the lifetime issue
10852c0e — Brandon Sprague 2 years ago
Add some docs, and implement JoinGame

We're actually starting to make some real progress here, after banging
our head against the Rust compiler for a bit.
9e214a38 — Brandon Sprague 2 years ago
Introduce a basic gRPC server and client

The server uses Rust/tonic, and the client uses Go/standard gRPC.