An attempt to rewrite lieer in Rust
First real swings at Rust FFI for notmuch
Initial commit, just basic FFI bindings for notmuch


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liars is an attempt to rewrite lieer in Rust. Not in like a "Rewrite it in Rust"-kind-of-way, I just want to understand more about lieer and notmuch, and I managed to botch a full GMail sync twice in a single day by borking my local tags beyond recognition, so I figured I needed to sit down and actually learn this ecosystem a bit better.

And okay fine I don't like installing Python-based tools on my machine.

#Why is it called liars?

Because I had to name the directory something. I first considered the extremely reasonable lieer-rs, and then shortened that to liee-rs, and then poorly phoneticized it to liars, which is fitting, because nothing actually exists in this repo yet, so I'm a liar.

#License considerations

This code is MIT-licensed, except for src/notmuch/notmuch.h, which comes directly from notmuch and is GPL-licensed. It is used for generating Rust bindings.