Tools for parsing JSON exports from Everdo (https://everdo.net/)
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#Everdo Export

This is a simple tool for taking a JSON export from Everdo, parsing it, and transforming it into something vaguely Logseq compatible.

Important caveat/warning: Since this tool is heavily based on my own personal Everdo export, features that I haven't used might be incorrectly represented.

#Everdo -> Logseq Translation

The export is opinionated based on how I want to represent things in Logseq, here's a list of representation details.


All projects from Everdo become pages in Logseq. Each item from that project becomes a block on the project page. Projects have the following properties:

type:: project
project-type:: {sequential,parallel}
project-status:: {active,someday,scheduled,waiting,deleted,archived}

and optionally have:

description:: <description from Everdo>
focus:: true // If the item was focused
waiting-on:: <comes from the `contact_id` in Everdo>
tags:: <comma delimited tags from project, linked as pages>
area:: <the area, linked as a page>


All actions from Everdo become blocks in Logseq. If the action wasn't part of a project, it goes into one of the following pages:

  • Imported from Everdo / Inbox
  • Imported from Everdo / Next
  • Imported from Everdo / Someday
  • Imported from Everdo / Scheduled
  • Imported from Everdo / Waiting
  • Imported from Everdo / Deleted
  • Imported from Everdo / Archived

The page it goes into corresponds to the List it was on in Everdo. Items may have any of following properties:

waiting-on:: <comes from the `contact_id` in Everdo>
focus:: true // If the item was focused
triaged:: true // The designator that moves things from Inbox -> Next
area:: <the area, if any>

Additionally, all action blocks start with collapsed:: true, just to remove some clutter. There's also the SCHEDULED: and DEADLINE: commands, which are not 1:1 mappings to what Everdo has, but the script will fail if it's too lossy.


Notebooks look like projects for the most part, but they're also just mostly normal Logseq pages. They don't have project-type or project-status or waiting-on or type.

Notes are like action items, but without a TODO or other task label, and without other not-relevant properties like waiting-on, inbox, etc.


  • [ ] Handle 'scheduled' projects
    • We currently set the project-status, but don't actually record when it's scheduled for.