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# DIY Air Quality Sensor

This will eventually hold code and stuff for an air quality sensor, right now it's mostly a placeholder.
My attempt at building a DIY-ish air quality sensor. Currently has ~two components:

* `cad/` - Has my first attempts at using OpenSCAD (or any CAD software, really), to make a simple case for the components
* `cad/` - A simple case to screw the components into, has ports for PM2.5 sensor intake + USB-C
  - Is my first attempts at using OpenSCAD (or any CAD software, really), but the STL looks good and it 3D printed mostly fine (including the hinge!)
  - Known Issues
    - USB-C port is too small, had to manually rip that apart with pliers, should fix
    - Honeycomb lid didn't print at all, but shows up fine in STL, could just be bad slicer settings on my part
    - The I2C/STEMMA QT connector on the PM2.5 sensor doesn't fit well with the battery/power header on the Feather board, you have to kinda smush it or rip off the header
- `circuitpython/` - Basic [CircuitPython](https://circuitpython.org/) code to read from the sensors and upload it to a server over WiFi
  - You need to supply a `secrets.py` file containing something like:
    secrets = {
        "ssid": "<your network>",
        "password": "<network password>",
        "endpoint": "<HTTP endpoint to upload JSON-formatted sensor data>",
  - I originally planned to re-write this stuff in Rust, but the CircuitPython works (modulo some I2C issues I'm debugging) and was a breeze to put together.

## Licenses