Pacific Northwest



Rust implementation of Chaos, an obscure board game


An attempt to rewrite lieer in Rust


Rust implementation of 1996 timelock encryption paper


A tool for querying specific information from Logseq and displaying it elsewhere.


A simple terminal UI for GPT-4


Simple web tool for QR code-authenticated file transfers.


A calendar-polling tool and obnoxious notification sender


OpenSCAD model(s) for an old Honda Civic


My DIY air quality sensor


My attempts at Advent of Code solutions


A Slackbot to notify a channel about new events on a given ICS calendar URL.


Tools for parsing JSON exports from Everdo (https://everdo.net/)


Restart your K8s deployments via SMS, because that's not a terrible idea.


Import DNS records from BIND files to Porkbun


gRPC-based Rummikub game engine and AIs

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