ref: 76b270eedf6aa77e6f2551dc7112cd399ae12a74 dwm/config.def.h -rw-r--r-- 7.0 KiB
Revert "Add fullgaps patch."

This reverts commit 507950a497756ab60549e3482d5d19f84f22ae42.
Add actualfullscreen patch.
c3a2e016 — Hiltjo Posthuma 3 years ago
config.def.h: ClkTagBar missing from comment

by Christopher Drelich <cd@cdrakka.com>

Patch was mangled on the ML, also adjusted the order to be the same as
the enum in dwm.c
2952b68d — Markus Teich 4 years ago

- unify multi-line expression alignment style.
- unify multi-line function call alignment style.
- simplify client moving on monitor count decrease.
- clarify comment for focusin().
- remove old confusing comment about input focus fix in focusmon(). The
  explanation is already in the old commit message, so no need to keep it in the
- remove old comment describing even older state of the code in focus().
- unify comment style.
- break up some long lines.
- fix some typos and grammar.
975c8983 — Anselm R Garbe 4 years ago
applied Markus' decouple color-scheme patch
56a31dc4 — Hiltjo Posthuma 5 years ago
config.def.h: style improvement, use color Scheme enum
7af4d439 — Markus Teich 5 years ago
import new drw from libsl and minor fixes.

- better scaling for occupied tag squares.
- draw statusline first to omitt some complicated calculations.
3c91283e — Hiltjo Posthuma 5 years ago
43e82adf — Hiltjo Posthuma 5 years ago
separate program-specific c99 bool and X11

True, False are X11-specific (int), make sure to use c99 stdbool for
program-specific things.
7e1182ce — Hiltjo Posthuma 6 years ago
config.h: use common default font, pass Xft font name to dmenu

dmenu uses Xft now (soon to be released).
14343e69 — Eric Pruitt 6 years ago
Add Xft and follback-fonts support to graphics lib
6af27377 — Anselm R Garbe 8 years ago
applied improved version of Martti Kühne's dmenu/multi monitor approach from dwm, no dmenuspawn required
4fb31e08 — Anselm R Garbe 8 years ago
do not take our font declaration as default for st
7edc5963 — Anselm R Garbe 8 years ago
include font argument for st by default
656882d7 — Anselm R Garbe 8 years ago
use st as default terminal from now on
61fe833a — anselm@garbe.us 8 years ago
reverting to plain X11 fonts in order to implement draw.c default