Utility for miscellaneous wlroots extensions
version 0.2.2
8407f371 — Ronan Pigott 1 year, 4 months ago
fix keyboard arg parsing
916413b1 — Ronan Pigott 1 year, 4 months ago
correct brace and bracket output



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wlrctl is a command line utility for miscellaneous wlroots Wayland extensions.

At this time, wlrctl supports the foreign-toplevel-mangement (window/toplevel command), virtual-keyboard (keyboard command), and virtual-pointer (pointer command) protocols.

Requires wlroots 0.13+


There is an AUR package for wlrctl here. And an openSUSE package here.

Otherwise, build with meson/ninja e.g.

$ meson setup --prefix=/usr/local build
$ ninja -C build install

#Features and Examples

wlrctl is still experimental, and has just a few basic features. Check the man page wlrctl(1) for full details.

Some example uses are:

$ wlrctl keyboard type 'Hello, world!'

... to type some text using a virtual keyboard.

$ wlrctl pointer move 50 -70

... to move the cursor 50 pixels right and 70 pixels up.

$ wlrctl window focus firefox || swaymsg exec firefox

... to focus firefox if it is running, otherwise start firefox.

$ wlrctl toplevel waitfor mpv state:fullscreen && makoctl dismiss

... to dismiss desktop notifications when mpv becomes fullscreen


You can send patches to the mailing list or submit an issue on the issue tracker.