Anki addon - randomise a given field on review
Update to hold all random options in a single field
Remove tag check, just check for field presence
Add support for multiple profiles


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#Anki field randomiser

A simple plugin to randomly select a value for a given field from values in other fields.


  • Create two fields: one to hold all the options, and one to hold the current selection
  • Edit the config via Tools > Add-ons the to indicate the field names
  • Put all your options in the options field, separated by a newline
    • You can change the separator to something else with the options_separator field in the config; regex is supported
  • Use the output field in your card templates however you like

When you review a card which contains the output field, you should see quick popup after selecting an answer button indicating the randomised value put in the output field.

On subsequent reviews the value of the output field will be overwritten, regardless of any content in it, so be careful not to store any valuable information there.