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                                          (a :href "/projects.html" "Projects")
                                          (span :class "pre-sep" "|")
                                          (a :href "/planet.html" "Planet")
                                          (span :class "pre-sep" "|")
                                          (a :href "/services.html" "Services")
                                         (div :class "banner"
                                          (p :class "item" "Support free software by donating!")

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#+TITLE: Projects
#+DATE: <2020-10-14 Wed 17:00>
#+DATE: <2020-11-29 Sun 12:15>

* orcircd

@@ 15,7 15,7 @@ compiler.
- Programming Components :: OCaml
- Relationship :: Author
- Website :: [[https://orcircd.org/][https://orcircd.org/]]
- Forge :: [[https://sr.ht/~brettgilio/orcircd/][Sourcehut]]
- Forge :: [[https://sr.ht/~brettgilio/orcircd/][Sourcehut]], [[https://git.brettgilio.com/orcircd/log.html][Stagit]] /[mirror]/
- License :: [[https://git.sr.ht/~brettgilio/orcircd/tree/master/LICENSE][GNU AGPLv3+]]

@@ 62,7 62,7 @@ features for GNU Emacs users, such as in-line syntax highlighting,

- Programming Components :: Emacs Lisp, C, Makefile
- Relationship :: Co-maintainer
- Forge :: [[https://github.com/zevlg/telega.el][GitHub]]
- Forge :: [[https://github.com/zevlg/telega.el][GitHub]], [[https://git.brettgilio.com/telega.el/log.html][Stagit]] /[mirror]/
- License :: [[https://github.com/zevlg/telega.el/blob/master/LICENSE][GNU GPLv3+]]

@@ 103,7 103,7 @@ distribution features a PID-1 also written in =GNU Guile=, =GNU Shepherd=.
- Programming Components :: Scheme, C++, GNU Bash, Makefile, M4, C
- Relationship :: Verified Committer
- Website :: [[https://guix.gnu.org/][https://guix.gnu.org/]]
- Forge :: [[http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/guix.git/][Savannah CGIT]]
- Forge :: [[http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/guix.git/][Savannah CGIT]], [[https://git.brettgilio.com/guix/log.html][Stagit]] /[mirror]/
- License :: [[http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/guix.git/tree/COPYING][GNU GPLv3+]]

@@ 137,7 137,7 @@ parse, format, and display the elements for sharing with your audience.

- Programming Components :: Emacs Lisp
- Relationship :: Author
- Forge :: [[https://sr.ht/~brettgilio/org-webring/][Sourcehut]]
- Forge :: [[https://sr.ht/~brettgilio/org-webring/][Sourcehut]], [[https://git.brettgilio.com/org-webring/log.html][Stagit]] /[mirror]/
- License :: [[https://git.sr.ht/~brettgilio/org-webring/tree/master/LICENSE][GNU GPLv3+]]

@@ 154,5 154,5 @@ system and a powerful module system in the style of Standard ML.
- Programming Components :: OCaml, C, GNU Bash, Assembly, Makefile
- Relationship :: Contributor
- Website :: [[https://ocaml.org/][https://ocaml.org/]]
- Forge :: [[https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/][GitHub]]
- Forge :: [[https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/][GitHub]], [[https://git.brettgilio.com/ocaml/log.html][Stagit]] /[mirror]/
- License :: [[https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/blob/trunk/LICENSE][GNU LGPLv2.1]]

M site/ring.org => site/ring.org +3 -2
@@ 2,7 2,7 @@
(let ((org-webring-items-total 3)
      (org-webring-items-per-source 1)

@@ 15,6 15,7 @@

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#+TITLE: Services
#+META_TYPE: website
#+DATE: <2020-11-12 Thu 12:17>

- ZNC :: https://znc.brettgilio.com/
- TheLounge :: https://c.brettgilio.com/
- IRC Server (XY) :: =irc.brettgilio.com:7097=
- Mumble :: =brettgilio.com:64738=

**Specs: Debian 10 x64, 2vCPUs, 4GB Memory, 2x 25GB SSD, IPv4**

These services are offered to friends and colleagues on a good-faith
basis. You are expected to uphold gratious community standards, and follow
all rules while using these service offerings. Additionally, please be
considerate of resource sharing. You are welcome to upload media through
the TheLounge instance, but be mindful of your bandwidth and storage

If you are experiencing instability with the services, please write an email
to the address provided below explaining your experience.

I am happy to provide these services to promote the longevity and ease-of-use.
These will only continue to be maintained (and grow) if the community
likewise acts with consideration and respect. Please think of how your behavior
affects others before you send that post!

Thank you!

Brett Gilio <[[mailto:brettg@gnu.org][brettg@gnu.org]]>

**Abuse of these services will result in a permanent restriction on your ability to use the services provided on this hostname.**

If you have experienced abuse on IRC from a member of this hostname, please
write an email with sufficient evidence explaining the situation. The correct
course of action will be applied based on the evidence of abuse. I thank you for
following this procedure, rather than laying a hostname-wide ban.


* Generic Setup for ZNC
- Ensure that your nickname on IRC is registered with =Nickserv= before proceeding, and then disconnect all active sessions
- Navigate to https://znc.brettgilio.com/
- Login using =username : temppass= (Username is the one you provided)
- Navigate to "Your Settings"
- Change your password, press save
- Fill out "IRC Information" (Leave defaults on any field you do not understand)
- Under "Networks", click "Add"
- On "Servers of this IRC network", click "Add"
- Provide the hostname of the IRC server (example: Freenode is =chat.freenode.net=, without a password)
- Under modules, enable =nickserv= and supply your authentication password in the box
- Press save

To connect to this network from your IRC client, you can set the server password field as =<zncuser>/<network>:<password>= or username field as =<zncuser>/<network>=.

Optionally, you may wish to uncheck the flags for "Auto Clear Chan Buffer"
and "Auto Clear Query Buffer" to retain buffer playback. You may also wish
to tweak buffer sizes, and CTCP request responses. For details on other ZNC
modules you may click the name of the module to load documentation. ZNC is
very versatile and powerful, additional features like "detaching" is preferable
to parting channels you are not currently watching. Learn more on the [[https://wiki.znc.in/ZNC][ZNC website]].

* Access TheLounge on Desktop
- Navigate to https://c.brettgilio.com/
- Login using =username : temppass= (Username is the one you provided)
- Add your ZNC/IRC networks (modifying the server field)
- Navigate to settings
- Change your password

* Use TheLounge as a Mobile Client
- Navigate to https://c.brettgilio.com/ on your mobile device
- Login using =username : temppass= (Username is the one you provided)
- In your browser options, add the webpage to your homescreen as an application
- Open the new application from your homescreen
- If you have not already, add your ZNC/IRC networks
- Navigate to settings
- Enable push notifications and browser notifications
- Change your password

* Accessing XY IRC Server
/(X.Y) is a public IRC server dedicated to free software, functional programming, and constructive / categorical mathematics./
- In your favorite IRC client, set the host =irc.brettgilio.com= with port =7097= for TLS encryption
- Select your nickname
- Connect
- Register your nickname using =/msg nickserv register <password>=

* Accessing the Mumble Server
- In your mumble client, set the address to =brettgilio.com= with port =64738=
- Establish your username, and set a label you will remember
- Press "OK"
- Select the entry, and press "Connect"
- Under "Self" click "Register"