86ab044ea55b9772cbacd652a539feae47fe35f4 — Alexandru-Sergiu Marton 17 days ago 30f8868
Extract correct URLs for Atom feeds.

* org-webring.el (org-webring--get-link): For Atom feeds, extract the
href values for the links that have rel attribute either not set or
set to "alternate".
1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M org-webring.el
M org-webring.el => org-webring.el +8 -1
@@ 194,7 194,14 @@ If TYPE is `rss', return the `channel' tag, otherwise return the
  "Return the source link of OBJECT.
OBJECT may be either the full feed or an item thereof."
  (or (org-webring--feed-text-prop object 'link)
      (cdaadr (org-webring--xml-get-child object 'link))))
       (assoc 'href
	      (seq-find (lambda (attributes)
			  (let ((rel (cdr (assoc 'rel attributes))))
			    (or (string-equal rel "alternate")
				(null rel))))
			(seq-map #'cadr
				 (xml-get-children object 'link)))))))

(defun org-webring--get-items-from-url (url)
  "Create a list of items contained in the feed at URL.