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NOTE: This document is currently incomplete.


This document outlines the steps required to modify or develop orcircd. It is also useful for people wanting to inspect, refactor, or optimize the codebase.


This project is developed using OCaml; as such, you will need the development tooling for that language. Additionally, you will need a C compiler capable of compiling at least C99 (GNU GCC is recommended). Proceed to install the following dependencies as required per your operating system.

  • opam
  • pkg-config / pkgconf
  • gcc
  • make

Next, initialize opam if you have not already done so.

$ opam init --enable-shell-hook

(The --enable-shell-hook flag will ensure that your PATH is alway set when developing orcircd.)

Once initialization completes successfully, you should proceed to create a local switch for orcircd.

$ cd ~/path/to/orcicd && opam switch create -y . --deps-only --locked

It is recommended you install a few additional packages to supply proper tooling for your editing environment. Documentation on how to configure these packages (notably merlin) is available online.

$ opam install -y merlin utop ocp-indent ocamlformat

Fetching relevant RFC component libraries developed by the orcircd team is best achieved through the orcircd-opam custom repository. Follow the setup guidelines found in the corresponding README.