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A modern, high-performance IRC server (ircd) [opam repository]


As orcircd is being developed, it has become apparent that many different independent libraries need to be constructed to fulfill implementations of various RFCs. These libraries are created to not only fulfill the needs of orcircd, but also to be contributed back to the general OCaml ecosystem.

Much of the OCaml ecosystem is centered around opam, which facilitates the package management of OCaml for both development workflows and general end-user use-cases.

While the intent of the orcircd development team is to contribute as much of the project back to the OCaml ecosystem as possible, there may be lag between releases of different components propagating to the main opam repository. This additional repository makes it easier to obain development versions of relevant libraries where API stablity is not guaranteed.

This repository tracks the packages specific to orcircd. No other OCaml packages will be made available through this channel. It is intended solely for use by the orcircd development team.


To establish this repository within opam, ensure that you already have opam and the OCaml toolchain available on your system. This includes having opam initialized as detailed in HACKING.

Navigate to the orcircd directory and establish the repository. If you initialized opam with --enable-shell-hook you may proceed to the next step, otherwise execute:

$ opam switch <name-of-orcircd-switch>

Next, add the repository.

$ opam repo add orcircd-opam https://orcircd.org/opam/development

Now set orcircd-opam’s priority to be higher than the default repository priority. This priority may be correctly set already. You can evaluate $ opam repo to confirm or deny this condition. If the priority of orcircd-opam is not set above default, you can adjust the priority by replacing <n> with the correct value.

$ opam repo priority orcircd-opam <n>

Last, you will need to update your repository databases and apply any available upgrades.

$ opam update && opam upgrade


This database is made available under the terms of the CC0 1.0 Universal license. See LICENSE for more details.