trf upd
trf import
image fname shows
readme update
readme update
handle outdated dosiainidir
Introduced concept of dosia.ini dir, which nearly separates proprietary or customizable things from the program itself. Directories in dosia.ini now always relative to this dir. Cleaned up code a bit.
added cgy output setting, moved saveimage button to pane, that way any image data can always be saved
times_nb_planned_fractions is now a setting
removed DoseSummationType handling, because I do not understand what it means exactly. See comments. Cleanup up filestruc a bit, and allow gui to run without tpsdose
panel is now visible. does it work though?
sumbeams now properly working
save per beam, set bg of ct cropas to -1000, not 0
filter missing CTs
pick first image from imagepane.image for now;
nearly there, correct loop over sopids, but some plan appear not to have a BeamSequence.
use keyword raise either always or never
mri proof. image viewer has controls, but isnt bugfree.
mrlinac plan parsing working. load collimator,bore materials from machine file instead of hardcoding. mrlinac simus still dont work, unclear problem
Refactored Accelerator a bit, now should handle MRLinac plannen. Unfortunately, they seem to have cps without gantryangle.