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12881154Stephen Brennan Release v0.7.1 a month ago




  • Include a copy of the Revised BSD license in the repo.


  • Allow user-provided aliases instead of shortest prefix aliases.


  • A "not breaking" but kinda still big change: Command subclasses may supply a "help" attribute which is passed to the help argument of add_parser(). If it is not provided, then the class's description attribute is used. This means that the -h output of the tool should provide a listing of subcommands, one per line, with a description (taken from the help kwarg) of that subcommand.


  • Use some dark magic to hide the shortest prefix matches from the help output, and also hide them from argcomplete.


  • Add py.typed file, because apparently I can't just have type annotations in my library in order to make things work with mypy.
  • Change my perfectly fine 200 line module to a package, because apparently I can't have a module-only distribution, and also make things work with mypy.


  • Added: shortest prefix matching
  • Note: added tests too!


  • Added: support default commands


  • Added: main() helper function
  • Added: support intermediate subclasses


  • Initial commit of bare-bones subc library