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Sample programs using my "sc-" family of libraries. Each subdirectory contains
an individual example, which should be buildable by running:
This is a set of small, modular libraries written in C and compiled using the
Meson build system. The name "sc-libs" stands for Stephen's C Libraries, but
hopefully these libraries may be useful outside of my own projects.

Each of these libraries shares common coding style (roughly Linux kernel style),
build system (Meson), licensing (Revised BSD), and more.

This document serves as the front page of the [sc-examples][] repository, which
hosts small sample programs using each library. It also serves as the front page
of the [sc-libs][] project on Sourcehut.

Using the Examples

To try out any of the examples contained in this repository, simply use the
following commands (ensure Meson and Ninja are installed):

    meson build
    ninja -C build
    build/example-name args...

The "sc-" libraries ("Stephen C" libraries, not very creative) are simple
modules I find useful in C programming and want to make available to myself.


Issues and mailing lists are available on the [sc-libs][] project page.
Contributions and suggestions are welcome!

[sc-examples]: https://git.sr.ht/~brenns10/sc-examples/
[sc-libs]: https://sr.ht/~brenns10/sc-libs/