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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog. This project will use Semantic Versioning for non-beta releases (that is, starting with 1.0.0). During the beta phase (right now) breaking changes may be made on minor version bumps, and feature additions / bug-fixes will be made on patch versions.

#[1.0.0] - 2018-08-16

First 1.0 release. The API should now be stable enough for you to use!


  • Line comments are now supported via the semicolon (;) character
  • New builtins:
    • progn - allows sequences of multiple expressions to be evaluated
    • quasiquote - quote an expression, except for instances of unquote
    • unquote - embed an evaluated expression within a quasiquote
    • assert - raise an error if the value of an expression is "false" (the integer 0, or not an integer at all)
    • assert-error - assert than evaluating an expression results in an error
    • macro - similar to lambda, but evaluates to code which is then evaluated
  • New syntax:
    • Use backtick to quasiquote, and comma unquote, in the same way that the single quote invokes the quote builtin
  • Added funlisp binary, which aims to be a complete, user-friendly repl and script runner.
  • Added lisp_version, a string containing the funlisp version.
  • Added support for a macro builtin, which is identical to lambda, but instead returns code which should be evaluated.
  • Symbols and strings may now be cached for better memory and runtime performance. This done transparently, but must be enabled with lisp_enable_symcache() and lisp_enable_strcache().


  • Parsing API is now flexible enough for public users. Removed lisp_parse() and added lisp_parse_value(), as well as lisp_parse_progn() and lisp_parse_progn_f(). This change is backward incompatible.
  • Error handling has received more love. Errors are now set at the interpreter level, with error codes and messages. Codes are useful for programs to understand the type of error which occurred, while messages are useful for users looking at errors. This change is backward incompatible.
  • Progns may now be empty
  • In stack traces, lambdas and macros now show the first name they were bound to, so that you can more easily read them.

#[0.1.0] (BETA) - 2018-06-13

Initial release! This is the first release with a source tarball and the capability to be installed system-wide. It is a beta release, so the API is not yet fully stable. Currently included in this release:

  • Builtin functions, lambda functions, etc
  • User context for runtime and builtin objects
  • Full C89 compliance

See the Github issue tracker for planned features, especially in the Initial release milestone.