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ad5cc0be — Stephen Brennan 2 years ago
Don't require libedit
Fix makefile stuff and document a bit better
Add utilities for mutating and constructing lists
Add capability to cache symbols and strings, unused
Ensure coverage for tests is accurate
support code coverage reports
Add simple automated regression testing for scripts
Simplify repls
Add a more complex REPL
Add installation instructions, make the install target work without man pages
Allow install/uninstall without man page
Add install, uninstall, and package targets. Closes #17
Portable Makefile

* Use Makefile.conf to specify options
* No obj/ dir (to facilitate Makefile suffix rules), build objects in
  the source tree
Merge branch 'feature/c89_pedantic', closes #4
Add -pedantic to CFLAGS
Fix weird linker error
Add advanced type system docs