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Another lisp implementation, this time aiming to be self-contained, portable,
well documented, and easy to embed and use.  This implementation is derived from
[libstephen lisp][], which is in turn built off the experience of an earlier
[attempt][lisp v1].
[attempt][lisp v1]. Try out the repl with:

Public interface with some documentation is in [inc/funlisp.h](inc/funlisp.h),
and you can build the library by simply running `make`. You'll find the result
at `bin/libfunlisp.a`.
    make bin/repl
    > (+ 5 5)

Sample applications embedding funlisp are located in [tools/](tools/).  To
build, e.g. `tools/repl.c`, you can do `make bin/repl`.
Since funlisp is aimed at being easily embeddable, the [tools/](tools/)
directory is full of sample programs using the library. You can also check out
the [documentation](doc/index.rst).

There are sample scripts within [scripts/](scripts/). You can run them with: