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## [Unreleased]
### Added
- Line comments are now supported via the semicolon (`;`) character
- Implement `progn` builtin, allowing sequences of multiple expressions to be
- New builtins:
  * `progn` - allows sequences of multiple expressions to be evaluated
  * `quasiquote` - quote an expression, except for instances of `unquote`
  * `unquote` - embed an evaluated expression within a `quasiquote`
  * `assert` - raise an error if the value of an expression is "false" (the
    integer 0, or not an integer at all)
  * `assert-error` - assert than evaluating an expression results in an error
  * `macro` - similar to lambda, but evaluates to code which is then evaluated
- New syntax:
  * Use backtick to quasiquote, and comma unquote, in the same way that the
    single quote invokes the `quote` builtin
- Added `funlisp` binary, which aims to be a complete, user-friendly repl and
  script runner.
- Added `lisp_version`, a string containing the funlisp version.
- Added `unquote` and `quasiquote`, and their special syntax forms (comma and
  backtick respectively)
- Added support for a `macro` builtin, which is identical to `lambda`, but
  instead returns code which should be evaluated.
### Changed