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@@ 19,15 19,19 @@ will be made on patch versions.
- Added `lisp_version`, a string containing the funlisp version.
- Added `unquote` and `quasiquote`, and their special syntax forms (comma and
  backtick respectively)
- Added support for a `macro` builtin, which is identical to `lambda`, but
  instead returns code which should be evaluated.
### Changed
- Parsing API is now flexible enough for public users. Removed `lisp_parse()`
  and added `lisp_parse_value()`, as well as `lisp_parse_progn()` and
  `lisp_parse_progn_f()`. **This change is backward incompatible.**
- Error handling has received more love. Errors are now set at the interpreter
  level, with error codes and messages. Codes are useful for programs to
  understand the type of error which occurred, while messages are useful for
  users looking at errors.
  users looking at errors. **This change is backward incompatible.**
- Progns may now be empty
- In stack traces, lambdas and macros now show the first name they were bound
  to, so that you can more easily read them.

## [0.1.0] (BETA) - 2018-06-13