update favicon.svg to new SevenShapes icon
slight improvements to shape icons
use PeopleSvg.props.d in bannerBackgroundGenerator
use rem instead of em in shape-svg style
refactor shape icons
use searchLimit when getting search results
remove unnecessary style attribute from settings label
add searchLimit to settings slice and to SettingsModal
rename searchMessagesSuccess -> addSearchResultMessage
use ushin-db iterator db.searchMessages
rename searchByContent -> searchMessages
add DraftMessagesPage
Use lexical context in excludeIncompletePaths to avoid no-loop-func

Thank you to Bradley Culley for finding this solution!

This fixes the following error:

  Line 349:28:  Function declared in a loop contains unsafe references to variable(s) 'nextToURLs'  no-loop-func
use Link instead of useNavigate in BannerNodeLabel

This allows Banner node labels to display the authorURL on hover.
remove extra turn servers to avoid warning

WebRTC: Using more than two STUN/TURN servers slows down discovery
ensure that authorURL always has source/blocker background

Even if there are no edges from authorURL to/from another node for
Dedupe query string toAuthorURLs

The query string could have more than one of the same topeer authorURL
simplify customUndoableConfig customFilter
ProfilePageHeader people button sets source/blocker/blocked to true