Fix: Add defgroup
Meta: Install makem as a git submodule
Meta: v2.3.0-pre
Remove: (-insert-chorus) Superceded by -insert-environment-directive
Meta: Update changelog
Add: (chordpro-insert-environment-directive) Insert chorus, etc.
Fix: (chordpro-normalize-chord) Handle chord with base notes

Thanks to Johan Vromans for reporting this bug.
Comment: Update note about performance
Docs: Add LocalWords to README.md
Docs: (README.md) Add Acknowledgements section
Docs: (README.md) Document rename transpose- functions to move-
Change: Rename transpose- functions to move-
Change: (chordpro-export) Error handling
Docs: (README.md) Changelog
Meta: v2.1.0-pre
Add: (chordpro-close-chord) Close and normalize chord at point