Takamatsu, Japan


I am Jean-Christophe Helary, a Japanese and English to French translator/localizer who’s lived in Japan since 1997.

I am not just someone who crunches segments for a living,

—I also try to promote free software in professional translation through my volunteer work as coordinator for the OmegaT project,

—I try to organize translation processes in free software projects, right now in the Emacs project,

—I co-translated La boîte noire by Ito Shiori, that discusses issues of sexual abuse in Japan,

—I recently defended a research MA in sociology/gender studies on the position of women practitioners in modern Japan kendō,

—I’m preparing my entry into a doctorate course in sports sociology, exploring issues of violence and socialization,

—and I’m currently working on the French version of “人新世の「資本論」”, which has been published in English under the title “Slow Down: The Degrowth Manifesto”.

If you have translation/localization/project management job proposals, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Projet de traduction française des manuels d'Emacs


Documents relatifs à la thèse.


A repository for all my translation/OmegaT/management related applescripts