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GrokLOC application server PostgreSQL support

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#What is this?

The goal of GrokLOC is to eventually provide a code comprehension platform founded upon structured representations of code-as-data.

This repository provides PostgreSQL support, including schemas and Docker automation.

This project home is on SourceHut:


The issue tracker:


The discussion list:


There is also a GitHub presence, but only for browsing:


This GitHub mirror may be temporarily lagging the SourceHut repository.

#Contributor's Guide

See CONTRIBUTORS.md in this repository.

#Image Versioning

This repository manages a Docker image. The tag dev is applied to the most recent version, but there is also a fixed version tag pushed to Docker Hub that you can reference. See VERSION in Makefile. Periodically, similarly versioned images for other parts of GrokLOC may make reference to versions pushed from this repository by the GrokLOC team, so you should be mindful of these tags. Outdated tags may be removed from Docker Hub.


This repository is under active development but hasn't reached a useful state yet.

We are committed to working in public while we make progress.

Feel free to look around and exercise the freedoms granted to you by the MIT license.