Added blog post about transformers and fixed navbar

Added blog post about microwave oven transformers, fixed navbar links,
and capped max image size.
Added alt tags to blog posts and fixed date bug

Added alt tags to images in my blog posts and fixed a bug that allows
the date of the post to be displayed.
Update shell that I use and remove PayPal link

Changed info about the shell I use from zsh to oksh
and removed PayPal link since PayPal sucks.
Add a recipe and new link, and a few other things

Added a recipe to recipes page and a link to websites page.
Added date posted to all blog posts and changed
image viewer from sxiv to nsxiv.
Add robots.txt

Add robots.txt and move around a webm file
Add recipes and fix CSS

Added a recipe page and fixed an error and
warning in CSS
Add 88x31 web pins to links page

Added a collection of 88x31 web pins to my links
page. Fixed up the CSS file and added a few small things.
Add 88x31 webpin to donation page
Add alternative light theme
Add webring to main page and files link
Blog post about my conversion

Post about my conversion to Catholicism
Also updated .gitignore
Add footer copyright message
Move contact info to separate page

Moved contact info to it's own page in order to
add more info and "obfuscate" my email address.
Added and changed a few smaller details as well.
Add blog post about dot matrix printers
Add XMPP address
Fix error in Coreboot article

Raspberry Pi pinout was incorrect and did
not have 40 pins. Fixed.
Fix XMR QR code
Make HTML on front page w3 compliant
Change info about hardware I use
Remodel front page

Blog page no longer exists as front page now has
blog list. Changed and removed and few other things
as well. This is a pretty large commit.