Add OpenBSD pledge support and bump to 0.6

Added OpenBSD pledges and added flags for building on other BSD systems.
Bumped to version 0.6
Remove warning about file descriptor

Fixed warning about possibly uninitialized
file descriptor.
Add license info and optimize

Added license info to individual files and
added -Os optimization to config.mk
Harden code and bump to version 0.5

Harden parts of the code and change version
to 0.5
Fixed a few minor bugs and edge cases
Change to c89 and bump to version 0.4

Project now builds with C89
Version bumped to 0.4
A few other minor changes are added as well
Fix fingerd error handeling
Add man pages and bump to version 0.3

Add scdoc man pages and update Makefile
accordingly. Bump to version 0.3
Reformat fingerd code and fix .plan bug

Make fingerd code more readable and fix an
error with closing the .plan file
close .plan file
Add complete fingerd server

The code for fingerd is temporary and needs
to be refactored, but it is good enough for now.
Add fingerd server

Refactor Makefile and implement a very basic
"non-functional" finger server
Refactor code and add utils