v1.14.0 1 year, 13 days ago

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.14.0

Update at ease.


Timur Ismagilov (17):
      Capitalize Mycomarkup
      Search: Add go to hypha section
      Search: Delete the search results description
      Search: Make the search bar bigger
      Rename: Leave transclusion on redirection hyphae
      Help: Replace the image from Wikicommons to my userpic from lesarbr.es
      Change the version to 1.14
      Fix primitive diff not working at all
      Title search: Fix <title> in Russian locale
      Update Mycomarkup to v5.4.0
      Add mv-categories/mv-category microformat
      Implement category autocomplete
      Fix a Telegram-related bug
      Update en.myco
      Fix version retrieval procedure
      Update the screenshot in README.md
      Update Mycomarkup doc

Umar Getagazov (3):
      Validate the revision hash on /rev{,-text}/ pages
      Highlight primitive diff additions and deletions
      center search bar with standard grid CSS

V (1):
      explictly fail if git can't operate (#194)

dependabot[bot] (2):
      Bump golang.org/x/text from 0.3.7 to 0.3.8
      Bump golang.org/x/crypto from 0.0.0-20211108221036-ceb1ce70b4fa to 0.1.0