v1.13.0 1 year, 1 month ago

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.13.0

This is a non-breaking update that improves some stuff.


Danila Gorelko (1):
      fix list of shortcuts

Maybe Waffle (1):
      Improve "upload a media tip" translations

Timur Ismagilov (9):
      Change go version to 1.19
      Help: Mention the new reader group in the docs about lock
      Document the file structure
      Migrate /remove-media/ to the new template system
      Fix links being weird in img captions
      Editor: Change the title for new hyphae
      Categories: Remove hypha from all cata after deletion
      Categories: Fix color in dark theme in the sidebar
      Change version to 1.13

Umar Getagazov (6):
      Inherit environment in gitsh
      Print "version" instead of "Version+Version"
      Fix version fetching in Makefile
      Get version from the help
      Change version package API
      go fmt

la-ninpre (2):
      add 'reader' group
      add a list of readers to user-list page