v1.12.0 6 months ago

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.12.0

No big new user-facing features introduced.

Only small ones.


Nikita Karamov (1):
      Remove "shortcut" from link to favicon

Timur Ismagilov (19):
      Fix /text/ for media hyphae
      Tree: Drop the sibling sidebar
      Remove mentions of the sibling hyphae sidebar
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.1.2
      Delete package views
      Admin: Get rid of QTPL templates
      Write Boilerplate.md, explaining the views' boilerplate
      Fix typos in Boilerplate.md
      Link /interwiki on /admin
      Rename: Leave redirection field off by default if there are no backlinks
      Shortcuts: Add Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Enter for preview
      Center lock
      Delete an unused l10n entry
      Move Mycomarkup to Les Arbres
      Move Mycomarkup to SourceHut
      Allow untrusted editors rename
      Show a different label for the /media/ link for textual hyphae
      Change version to 1.12
      Help: Escape stuff

Umar Getagazov (8):
      Use the generated version string on /about
      Remove config.mk from .gitignore
      Fix CommonScripts handling
      Migrate /edit to html/template
      Fix -create-admin not working on non-POSIX systems
      Fix hyphaNamePattern regexp
      Fix static assets not served on wikis with no auth
      Refactor shortcuts

decentral1se (2):
      ignore .git folder when building image
      add health check for image

kez (5):
      Create system for adding data attributes to Base body
      Add hypha categories to Base body data attributes
      Rename ExtraData to more appropriate BodyAttributes
      Turn BodyAttributes into a map
      Run gofmt

opsyne (3):
      Add a version command (#159)
      Allow unauthenticated users to request static assets (#163)
      Add default favicon.ico file (#162)