v1.11.0 7 months ago

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.11.0

This update is focused on introduction of interwiki.


Timur Ismagilov (44):
      Interwiki: Start migrating to new API
      Interwiki: Make it work!
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.3.2
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.0.0
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.0.1
      Change version to 1.11.0
      Update release.yaml
      Fix link resolution in some places
      Move stuff around
      Interwiki: Add the add entry form
      Interwiki: Change the fields of the entries
      Interwiki: Remove the description field
      Interwiki: Implement the map editing form
      Recent changes: Update the look
      Interwiki: Adjust the margins between the forms
      Backlinks: Fix the bug
      Editor: Fix handling empty input
      Recent changes: Move the count selector and feed links to the bottom
      Recent changes: Fix Russian translation
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.0.3
      Interwiki: Make prefices behave like hypha names
      Fix /remove-media
      Remove those ridiculous helper functions
      Isolate hypha deletion view
      Isolate hypha renaming view
      Interwiki: Add /interwiki/add-entry and the related stuff
      Fix #153
      Hide empty category sidebar for unauthorized users
      Categories: Move them when a hypha is renamed
      Implement redirection hyphae #152
      Help: Document renaming
      Do not show impossible actions for empty hyphae
      Interwiki: Fix the bug that occurred with entries with no aliases
      Categories: Sort the list
      Hypha list: Return the hypha count
      Help, Interwiki: Write the doc
      Update Mycomarkup to v5.1.1
      Admin: Isolate handlers and the list view
      Fix text overflow for img galleries
      Implement /edit-category
      Style and translate /edit-category to Russian
      Interwiki: Translate to Russian and update docs
      README: Mention interwiki
      Help: State who can modify categories