v1.10.0 9 months ago

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.10.0

This update is concerned with cleaning stuff up. Refactorings were held, things
were removed, &c.

The most notable changes are as follows:

* Old heading syntax is deprecated. All hyphae using it will be migrated
* The /about page is now useful.
* /orphans is introduced.
* data-rrh-addr attribute is introduced.

Read more on the wiki:


Timur Ismagilov (82):
      Implement viewutil.Base
      Alias views.Base to a wrapper to viewutil.Base
      Use viewutil.Meta in many places
      Move package categories to the root level
      Categories, views: Refactor the list view
      Categories, views: Refactor the cat page view
      Categories, views: Implement viewutil.Chain
      Categories, views: Give the card view its own file, make title a block
      Categories, views: Unexport stuff
      Categories: Log category mutations
      Categories: Localized titles
      Categories: Rename exported functions
      Misc: Make the new package
      Misc: Port /list to the new approach
      Misc: Move more stuff here
      Misc: Move more stuff here, including title search
      Please staticcheck
      Backlinks: Isolate
      Update README.md
      Mycomarkup: Migrate to v4
      Isolate help
      Help: Wording
      Help: Bring the topic sidebar closer
      About: Wording
      Merge branch 'master' into pkg-revolution
      Merge pull request #143 from bouncepaw/pkg-revolution
      Help: Horizontal line -> Thematic break
      Categories: Keep them sorted
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.0.1
      About: Recreate using <dl>
      Viewutil: Fix the link to profile
      Change version to 1.10.0
      About: Make a little better
      Replace bullet-less lists with numbered lists
      Get rid of div.layout, center header on two-columnar layout
      Align left sidebars properly on very wide screens
      Embed data-rrh-addr attribute on all pages
      Reimplement Navititle with go templates
      Title search: Fix a bug and show No results instead of empty list when no results
      Title search: Fix a bug and show No results instead of empty list when no results
      Reimplement empty hypha notice with go templates
      Editor: Make the textarea bigger
      Title search: Results have indices instead of bullets now
      Img: Put captions to the right for normal galleries
      Empty hyphae: Fix the message for wikis with auth
      Editor: Fix preview
      Auth: Fix the links appearing on anonymous wikis
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.0.2
      Fix deletion of media hyphae with no text
      Implement /orphans
      Docs: Describe orphans
      CSS: Use less classes
      robots.txt: Allow /list, disallow /orphans
      Auth: Do not let users with weird characters in name register
      Auth: Do not load users with weird characters in names
      About: Show the registration limit
      History: Isolate primitive diff
      History: Isolate recent changes
      Viewutil: Introduce ExecutePage
      Viewutil: Introduce CopyEnRuWith
      Recent changes: Translate to Russian
      History: Isolate /history/
      History: Isolate feeds
      History: Rename the web package
      History: Translate /history/
      History: Fix some issues with the views
      History: Generate correct anchors for headings on history pages
      Admin: Isolate the panel view
      Do not print the git dir path
      Write heading migrator
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.2.0
      Help: Do not mention legacy headings
      Interwiki: Start implementing
      Interwiki: Implement (*Wiki).canonize
      Interwiki: Implement /interwiki
      Fix revisions for deleted hyphae
      Fix primitive diffs for deleted hyphae
      Fix revision texts for deleted hyphae
      Fix /history/ <title>
      Update README.md
      Update README.md

Umar Getagazov (2):
      Update README.md
      help: update config file reference