v1.12.1 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.12.1

Fixed the bug not letting you type ? (question mark).


Timur Ismagilov (2):
      Editor: Fix ? shortcut in
      Use version.FormatVersion in the console printout

v1.12.0 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.12.0

No big new user-facing features introduced.

Only small ones.


Nikita Karamov (1):
      Remove "shortcut" from link to favicon

Timur Ismagilov (19):
      Fix /text/ for media hyphae
      Tree: Drop the sibling sidebar
      Remove mentions of the sibling hyphae sidebar
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.1.2
      Delete package views
      Admin: Get rid of QTPL templates
      Write Boilerplate.md, explaining the views' boilerplate
      Fix typos in Boilerplate.md
      Link /interwiki on /admin
      Rename: Leave redirection field off by default if there are no backlinks
      Shortcuts: Add Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Enter for preview
      Center lock
      Delete an unused l10n entry
      Move Mycomarkup to Les Arbres
      Move Mycomarkup to SourceHut
      Allow untrusted editors rename
      Show a different label for the /media/ link for textual hyphae
      Change version to 1.12
      Help: Escape stuff

Umar Getagazov (8):
      Use the generated version string on /about
      Remove config.mk from .gitignore
      Fix CommonScripts handling
      Migrate /edit to html/template
      Fix -create-admin not working on non-POSIX systems
      Fix hyphaNamePattern regexp
      Fix static assets not served on wikis with no auth
      Refactor shortcuts

decentral1se (2):
      ignore .git folder when building image
      add health check for image

kez (5):
      Create system for adding data attributes to Base body
      Add hypha categories to Base body data attributes
      Rename ExtraData to more appropriate BodyAttributes
      Turn BodyAttributes into a map
      Run gofmt

opsyne (3):
      Add a version command (#159)
      Allow unauthenticated users to request static assets (#163)
      Add default favicon.ico file (#162)

v1.11.0 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.11.0

This update is focused on introduction of interwiki.


Timur Ismagilov (44):
      Interwiki: Start migrating to new API
      Interwiki: Make it work!
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.3.2
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.0.0
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.0.1
      Change version to 1.11.0
      Update release.yaml
      Fix link resolution in some places
      Move stuff around
      Interwiki: Add the add entry form
      Interwiki: Change the fields of the entries
      Interwiki: Remove the description field
      Interwiki: Implement the map editing form
      Recent changes: Update the look
      Interwiki: Adjust the margins between the forms
      Backlinks: Fix the bug
      Editor: Fix handling empty input
      Recent changes: Move the count selector and feed links to the bottom
      Recent changes: Fix Russian translation
      Mycomarkup: Update to v5.0.3
      Interwiki: Make prefices behave like hypha names
      Fix /remove-media
      Remove those ridiculous helper functions
      Isolate hypha deletion view
      Isolate hypha renaming view
      Interwiki: Add /interwiki/add-entry and the related stuff
      Fix #153
      Hide empty category sidebar for unauthorized users
      Categories: Move them when a hypha is renamed
      Implement redirection hyphae #152
      Help: Document renaming
      Do not show impossible actions for empty hyphae
      Interwiki: Fix the bug that occurred with entries with no aliases
      Categories: Sort the list
      Hypha list: Return the hypha count
      Help, Interwiki: Write the doc
      Update Mycomarkup to v5.1.1
      Admin: Isolate handlers and the list view
      Fix text overflow for img galleries
      Implement /edit-category
      Style and translate /edit-category to Russian
      Interwiki: Translate to Russian and update docs
      README: Mention interwiki
      Help: State who can modify categories

v1.10.0 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.10.0

This update is concerned with cleaning stuff up. Refactorings were held, things
were removed, &c.

The most notable changes are as follows:

* Old heading syntax is deprecated. All hyphae using it will be migrated
* The /about page is now useful.
* /orphans is introduced.
* data-rrh-addr attribute is introduced.

Read more on the wiki:


Timur Ismagilov (82):
      Implement viewutil.Base
      Alias views.Base to a wrapper to viewutil.Base
      Use viewutil.Meta in many places
      Move package categories to the root level
      Categories, views: Refactor the list view
      Categories, views: Refactor the cat page view
      Categories, views: Implement viewutil.Chain
      Categories, views: Give the card view its own file, make title a block
      Categories, views: Unexport stuff
      Categories: Log category mutations
      Categories: Localized titles
      Categories: Rename exported functions
      Misc: Make the new package
      Misc: Port /list to the new approach
      Misc: Move more stuff here
      Misc: Move more stuff here, including title search
      Please staticcheck
      Backlinks: Isolate
      Update README.md
      Mycomarkup: Migrate to v4
      Isolate help
      Help: Wording
      Help: Bring the topic sidebar closer
      About: Wording
      Merge branch 'master' into pkg-revolution
      Merge pull request #143 from bouncepaw/pkg-revolution
      Help: Horizontal line -> Thematic break
      Categories: Keep them sorted
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.0.1
      About: Recreate using <dl>
      Viewutil: Fix the link to profile
      Change version to 1.10.0
      About: Make a little better
      Replace bullet-less lists with numbered lists
      Get rid of div.layout, center header on two-columnar layout
      Align left sidebars properly on very wide screens
      Embed data-rrh-addr attribute on all pages
      Reimplement Navititle with go templates
      Title search: Fix a bug and show No results instead of empty list when no results
      Title search: Fix a bug and show No results instead of empty list when no results
      Reimplement empty hypha notice with go templates
      Editor: Make the textarea bigger
      Title search: Results have indices instead of bullets now
      Img: Put captions to the right for normal galleries
      Empty hyphae: Fix the message for wikis with auth
      Editor: Fix preview
      Auth: Fix the links appearing on anonymous wikis
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.0.2
      Fix deletion of media hyphae with no text
      Implement /orphans
      Docs: Describe orphans
      CSS: Use less classes
      robots.txt: Allow /list, disallow /orphans
      Auth: Do not let users with weird characters in name register
      Auth: Do not load users with weird characters in names
      About: Show the registration limit
      History: Isolate primitive diff
      History: Isolate recent changes
      Viewutil: Introduce ExecutePage
      Viewutil: Introduce CopyEnRuWith
      Recent changes: Translate to Russian
      History: Isolate /history/
      History: Isolate feeds
      History: Rename the web package
      History: Translate /history/
      History: Fix some issues with the views
      History: Generate correct anchors for headings on history pages
      Admin: Isolate the panel view
      Do not print the git dir path
      Write heading migrator
      Mycomarkup: Update to v4.2.0
      Help: Do not mention legacy headings
      Interwiki: Start implementing
      Interwiki: Implement (*Wiki).canonize
      Interwiki: Implement /interwiki
      Fix revisions for deleted hyphae
      Fix primitive diffs for deleted hyphae
      Fix revision texts for deleted hyphae
      Fix /history/ <title>
      Update README.md
      Update README.md

Umar Getagazov (2):
      Update README.md
      help: update config file reference

v1.9.0 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.9.0

This is an important update, both introducing new features, and
breaking older stuff, while also fixing some bugs.

This update introduces categories, a new means of organizing
hyphae, in addition to links/backlinks and hypha nesting.
Starting with this update, you are no longer encouraged to use
hypha nesting. In fact, the sibling sidebar is disabled by default
now, effectively discouraging it. You can enable it, if your wiki
heavily depends on it, though.


Timur Ismagilov (50):
      Docker: Delete the line
      Siblings: Disable the sidebar by default
      Break a lot of stuff
      Break a lot of stuff
      Play around with package shroom
      Make mimetype.FromExtension case-insensitive
      Move hyphae.Iteration to a separate package
      Remove some unused stuff
      Backlinks: Fix backlinks for media and empty hyphae
      Rename attachment to media
      Views: Reimplement the topics sidebar
      Update robots.txt
      Experiment № 2. Reimplement AboutHTML
      Return ui.about_title
      Experiment № 3. QTPL+l10nEntry
      Fix the bug with renaming
      Fix the bug with deletion
      Categories: Draft the API for categories package
      Categories: Show pre-populated categories
      Categories: Implement category pages
      Categories: Refactor a little
      Categories: Add addition to/removal from categories
      Categories: Save to disk after changes
      Categories: Sanitize names before processing
      Categories: Add category list
      Categories: Add category list link to the top bar
      L10n experiment no. 6 (?)
      Recent changes: Get rid of ? in a circle
      API: Get rid of *-json URLs
      Views: Drop the *HTML suffix
      Categories: Style the categories card
      Categories: Localize the categories card
      Categories: Perform l10n tricks
      Categories: Place the categories card better on two-column layout
      Admin: Port /admin/ to the new template approach
      Categories: Do not let anons add to/remove from categories
      Categories: Do not let anons add to/remove from categories
      Categories: Make the lists look more like Mycorrhiza
      Move mycorrhiza.1 to help directory
      Change version to 1.9.0
      Categories: Write docs
      Update Go version
      Move sr.ht repo from handlerug to bouncepaw
      Remove #mycorrhiza-ru
      Categories: Make /category/ and /category the same
      Categories: Ignore empty hypha names and cat names in requests
      Categories: Clean up deleted category records
      Add shortcut for backlinks
      Mycomarkup: Update to v3.6.3
      Update README.md

Umar Getagazov (8):
      Update README
      Add mycorrhiza.1 man page
      Update Makefile for ease of packaging
      Makefile: fix go build invocation
      Use sbin instead of bin
      Makefile: forcefully disable cgo
      Revert "Use sbin instead of bin"
      primitive-diff: validate input

v1.8.2 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.8.2

This is a non-breaking patch release. It mainly consists of a fix for
XSS vulnerability in Mycomarkup and addition of Content-Security-Policy.


Colin L Rice (1):
      Fix go.mod to fully enumerate dependencies

Timur Ismagilov (19):
      Start the ontology refactoring
      Use the Hypher interface in a lot of places
      Play with Hypha.BinaryPath
      Play with Hypha.Name
      Play with stuff
      Store hyphae as Hypher and cast to *Hypha only wheen need
      Rename Hypha to MediaHypha
      Introduce EmptyHypha
      Delete DoesExist
      Delete uploadHelp, refactor UploadText
      Rename MediaHypha to NonEmptyHypha
      Fix textual hypha creation
      Refactor media uploading
      Fix /text/
      Rename Hypher to Hypha
      Fix /rev/ for media hyphae
      Do not show siblings and subhyphae on revision pages
      Update Mycomarkup to v3.6.2
      Update version

Umar Getagazov (2):
      Fix transclusion link being obscured by content
      Use Content-Security-Policy

v1.8.1 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.8.1

This is a non-breaking patch release. It contains following hotfixes:

- The migration no longer fails on empty wikis.
- On the Russian locale, Russian docs are not accessed anymore.
- When no protocol is set in config for the wiki's URL, HTTP is assumed.


Timur Ismagilov (3):
      Fix the migrator failing at wikis with no .myco files
      Help: Remove all mentions of Russian docs
      Feeds: Assume HTTP when no protocol is set

Umar Getagazov (1):
      Add a .mailmap

v1.8.0 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.8.0

This is a breaking release. It includes the following main changes:

Rocket link syntax has been changed:

	=> hypha_with_spaces
	=> hypha display text
	=> hypha with spaces
	=> hypha | display text

An automatic migration will be performed when Mycorrhiza 1.8 first runs
on your wiki.

Image galleries now have a special syntax for layouts: they can float to
the right `side`, and items inside can be arranged in a `grid`:

	img grid {

	img side {
	image1 | 200
	image2 | 200

* A log out button has been added to user's own hypha page (accessible
  in the website header). The admin panel link is now there, too.

* The Russian translation of the documentation was removed because it
  was incomplete, unmaintained and wrong. We would love to see someone
  with dedication to support it in the future!

* The toolbar was split into two parts. On wide screens, the two parts
  use the space more efficiently, as the list of actions is on the left.

* Jump buttons were removed.

* Bug fixes.


Dan Konshin (1):
      Trim whitespaces when searching hypha

Timur Ismagilov (32):
      Merge pull request #120 from DanInSpace104/patch-3
      Mycomarkup: Migrate to v3.5.0
      Help: Document img layouts
      Make some functions unexported
      Move backlinks stuff to a separate module
      Backlinks: Make less things exported, better wording
      Backlinks: Improve /backlinks/
      Rename /admin/user/new to /admin/new-user
      Auth: Refactor login and logout
      Recent changes: Return the 100 cap
      Mycomarkup: Migrate to v3.5.2
      Remove ellipses (...) from help topic list
      Add log out link to current user's profile
      Add admin panel link to administrators' profiles
      Remove the admin panel from the top bar
      Help: Update top bar docs
      Fix admin panel link
      Fix top bar links updating
      Mycomarkup: Update to 3.5.3
      Mycomarkup: Update to 3.6.0
      Help: Update Mycomarkup doc
      Help: Delete Russian docs
      Change version to 1.8.0
      Implement the rocket link migration algorithm
      Update Mycomarkup to v3.6.1
      Add a margin to sided galleries
      Editor: Split the toolbar into two parts
      Help: Display English docs for Russian locale
      Help: A better margin for the headings
      Help: Migrate rocket links
      Delete the jump buttons
      Update the screenshot in README.md

Umar Getagazov (4):
      go mod tidy
      Replace go-localize with go embed-based system
      go mod tidy
      Fix keyboard shortcuts for hypha actions

v1.7.0 10 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Help: Write the config file doc in English

v1.6.0 11 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Mycorrhiza Wiki 1.6.0

This is a non-breaking release. It includes the following main changes:

* User and hypha lists are now sorted.

* The Russian translation is better.

* Mycomarkup has been refactored: some bugs fixed, new bugs added. Some
  minor improvements in its behavior are done too.

* Add item grouping in feeds [1].

* Minor visual changes.

[1]: https://mycorrhiza.wiki/help/en/feeds
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