Migrate /remove-media/ to the new template system

Is this path used anywhere?
Document the file structure

Fixes #175
Help: Mention the new reader group in the docs about lock
Change go version to 1.19

Next time you use a function from a newer version, you might as well update go.mod...
2e3a1dac — la-ninpre 22 days ago
add a list of readers to user-list page
fd6889ce — la-ninpre 22 days ago
add 'reader' group

it is essentially the same as 'anon' but 'reader' is allowed to log in
if wiki is locked down.
Change version package API
Get version from the help

I'm going to get executed for this crime
ebe618ed — Maybe Waffle 25 days ago
Improve "upload a media tip" translations
Print "version" instead of "Version+Version"
Inherit environment in gitsh

Fixes the bug introduced in 552aa12b8c6c865d3c9c0059f295cb8294d5b2a4.
fix list of shortcuts
Use version.FormatVersion in the console printout

The only manual version place left is the docs.
Editor: Fix ? shortcut in
Help: Escape stuff

Yeah, gotta return the old syntax for ``.
Change version to 1.12

It's funny how despite all those tricky tricks made previously, manual changes to the version number are still to be made. Do we really need those tricky tricks though?
Show a different label for the /media/ link for textual hyphae
1cd63103 — decentral1se a month ago
add health check for image