Lightweight markup language
Allow generic Mycomarkup in img descriptions
Fix the ridiculous bug with { being able to be on different lines from img and table
Add support for Betula in interwiki format strings



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Mycomarkup is a markup language designed to be used in Mycorrhiza Wiki. This project is both a library for the wiki engine and a command-line tool for processing Mycomarkup files in other projects.

See the Mycorrhiza docs on the markup language itself. The rest of the document provides documentation on the library and the command only.

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Usage of mycomarkup:
  -file-name string
        File with mycomarkup. (default "/dev/stdin")
  -hypha-name string
        Set hypha name. Relative links depend on it.

Set the parameters and run the program. The output will be written to stdout. The output is a poorly-formatted HTML code. In the future, more front-ends will be available.

Please note that transclusion is not supported in CLI.


Mycomarkup provides an API for Go projects. Consult the docs and Mycorrhiza Wiki source code for inspiration.


We accept patches. Please run go fmt.