v1.3.0 a month ago

Betula v1.3.0

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v1.3.0.html

Danila Gorelko (6):
      Migrate from gorilla/feeds
      Use new http patterns and accept wildcards for existing methods (#2)
      Add /random endpoint (#4)
      Show 'delete repost' only for reposts, 'delete link' for common links
      Focus search input field on slash key press
      Add session page (#7)

Timur Ismagilov (53):
      Do not turn urls into url.URL and keep them strings
      Add the Mycorrhiza dark theme
      Implement --version and --help
      Add new tables RemoteBookmarks and RemoteTags
      Start renaming Post into Bookmark
      Include Mycomarkup source in Note:s in a standard way
      Parse incoming Create{Note} activities
      Implement receiving bookmarks
      Add URL field to remote bookmarks
      Implement Timeline
      Include the URL of remote bookmark in the url field of Note
      Do not use time.DateOnly
      Fix Timeline template
      Consider empty displayedName in actors valid
      Be less strict again
      Revert "Include the URL of remote bookmark in the url field of Note"
      Fix remote bookmark rendering
      Link Timeline in the sidebar when it makes sense
      Display Nothing yet when no bookmarks in Timeline
      Include the URL in Note Lemmy-style
      Fix remote tag saving
      Fix URL fetching
      Fix Note.tag parsing
      Uh oh teehee 👉👈
      Fix parameter order
      Implement fetching ActivityPub objects of bookmarks
      Change timestamp format for remote bookmarks
      And do that for the updated field as well
      Add Repost button in Timeline
      Open the Repost dialog in a new tab
      Implement FetchBookmark but I don't really like it
      Improve FetchBookmark
      Fix test running and locate a new bug
      Accept Page and Article objects along with Note objects
      Devendor Tedu's httpsig
      Show known bookmarks on authors' profiles
      Refactor code duplication related to getting the ?page= parameter
      Send out repost and unrepost notifications to followers too
      Add reposts-only filter to the search and update the docs
      Do not save reposts with duplicate ID:s
      Fight the tech debt
      Document DB scripts a bit
      Rename the Posts table to Bookmarks finally
      Touch up here and there
      Read/write original post author id to the db
      Avoid word Post when talking about Bookmarks
      Use extractBookmark more often
      Do not redirect from /edit-link/ to /save-link if tag not specified
      Forgot this one teehee
      Add template called “range bookmark groups + paginator”
      Ignore .DS_Store and delete that nohup.out
      Fix dark theme
      Set version to 1.3.0

bouncepaw (2):
      Merge pull request 'Show 'delete repost' only for reposts, 'delete link' for common links' (#5) from danilax86/betula:fix-delete-wording into master
      Merge pull request 'Focus search input field on slash key press' (#6) from danilax86/betula:search-focus into master