v1.2.0 29 days ago

Betula v1.2.0

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v1.2.0.html

Goldstein (2):
      Fix migration from empty database
      Better URL cleaning for display

Timur Ismagilov (108):
      Mocking up Subscriptions
      Make a new migration mechanism and a new schema version
      Implement NodeInfo spec
      Implement /actor endpoint
      Implement minimal WebFinger
      Relax WebFinger a bit
      Drop protocol in WebFinger
      Start doing Actors
      Start doing keys
      Vendor in Tedu's HTTP signatures package
      Implement the /subscribe view
      Do not crash on unsuccessful template writing
      Enable turning off federation in Settings
      Show error page when accessing federated endpoints
      Make .FederationEnabled available to all templates
      Start implementing the Subscribe logic
      Start implementing Follow/Accept/Reject activities
      Write more guessers
      Refactor package activities a little
      Make admin username fetching easier
      Do the subscription management page (draft!)
      Prototype profile endpoint
      Make some WebFinger requests happen
      Implement the simplest profile page for remote accounts
      Implement the simplest profile page for remote accounts and serve the site name in the actor too
      Return summary in actor
      Fix Return summary in actor
      Add subscription statii
      Start implementing signing
      Make first run settings experience nicer
      I got tired a bit. Signing is broken now
      Implement proper signing hopefully
      Replace incorrect usages of %w with %s
      Update Mycomarkup dependency to 5.6.0
      Fix more incorrect format string usages
      Make handlerActor serve a marshalled map instead of a interpolated string
      Add new jobs but then I wanted to refactor which I'll do in the coming commit
      Uh oh distracted
      Group Fediverse-related packages together
      Restructure job-scheduling, it's now much simpler
      Implement sending and receiveing accept/reject for following
      Allow to try to follow accounts to which you had already tried to subscribe but didn't receive an answer back from
      Include the correct actor ID in outgoing activities
      Fix Include the correct actor ID in outgoing activities
      Check for correct signatures
      Save public keys
      Fix nil dereference
      Remember admin username in-memory because of how often we reference it now
      Make the actor field just a string
      Fetch actors on sight and store them in memory
      Include id field in all activities
      Actually mark pending follow requests as such in DB
      Make some fixes
      Do not show the paginator message on empty betulae
      Fix remote profile view
      Implement sending unfollows
      Implement accepting unfollows
      Change signature of templateExec
      Fix an activity with the power of TDD
      Include more fields in the actor activity in hopes for more compatibility
      Implement Following and Followers pages
      Group bookmarks in /, tag views and search by date
      Set style for date headings and remove the timestamps from the cards
      Redesign the post cards
      Implement the little Copy link button on bookmark cards
      Roll out the new bookmark design in the rest of the site
      Show the Reposted marker in search results
      Make /@ a bit stricter
      Delete /last/ and /post/ because they are not really used
      Make handlers.go a bit nicer
      Rename handler* functions to get*, post* or handler*
      Implement local profile view
      Move some links to the profile from the sidebars
      Make some visual fixes
      Make private bookmark markers bold
      Delete /subscriptions and /subscribe views
      Readpage: Make p-category parsing more robust
      Readpage: Make p-name parsing more robust
      Access remote profiles from search bar
      Implement Create{Note}
      Implement Delete{Note} activity
      Be more liberal regarding the Accept header
      A follow up
      Another follow up
      Generate time in posts
      Fix JSON being encoded two times
      Refactor the system so that there is no in-memory cache for actor data
      And make it better I hope
      Federate public posts only
      Remove extra @ on /following and /followers
      Uh huh that should fix the 12th migration for the adventurous me
      Fix SQL query
      Broadcast Create/Update/Delete for bookmark modifications
      Fix id being zero
      Improve first-run experience
      Include id in Create and Update activities
      Include tag field in Note objects
      Filter out \t from Note#content
      Make the log somewhat quieter
      Increase the ActivityPub timeout
      Include less \n in Note#content
      Include the micromarkup in tags and include the updated field in Update{Note}
      Do not log those spammy Mastodon Delete actor activities
      A follow up commit
      Hide Edit link on post views
      Do some chores
      Update /about
      Make some finishing touches before release

bouncepaw (2):
      Write a notice in FEDERATION.md
      Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~bouncepaw/betula