v1.1.0 8 months ago

Betula v1.1.0

Introducing reposts.

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v1.1.0.html

Danila Gorelko (3):
      Fix driver registration
      Refactoring: move states to const group of values
      Fix wrong number of posts when unauthorized

Timur Ismagilov (61):
      Update README.md
      DB: Migrate to version 4
      Add Job type and kinda update the scheme teehee
      Implement database change monitoring
      ActivityPub: Implement the simplest inbox
      Write an extremely fancy page examinator (WIP)
      Readpage: Implement more wishmakers
      Readpage: Polish the public API
      Readpage: Get rid of cute terminology and abstractions
      Readpage: Make some touches
      Readpage: Write a failing test
      Readpage: Pass the test
      Readpage: Polish a bit...
      Readpage: Write some tests for h-entry-related stuff
      Replace the old title fetcher with the new one
      CI: Update the manifest to test Readpage too
      Move all .gohtml views to a separate folder
      Implement reposting
      Fix reposting and pass tests
      <link> Mycomarkup text for posts and tags
      Move AP inbox to /inbox
      Readpage: Test fetching of Mycomarkup
      ActivityPub: Play around using GoToSocial's lib
      Settings: Little tweaks on the web page
      Design: Consistently align radio buttons cross-browserly
      HTML: Wrap links' paths (after the first /) in a .url-path
      Experiment no. 6: Drop CGO Sqlite, embrace GO Sqlite
      Revert "Experiment no. 6: Drop CGO Sqlite, embrace GO Sqlite"
      Experiment no. 7: Use Psykose's magic tricks
      Cast go get ./...
      Move test casting to Makefile
      Express my magic
      Start implementing my own Activities thingy
      Rewrite inbox with my activities package
      Rewrite the job manager
      Fix startup crash
      Rearrange main() a little
      Show Settings on the first run after registration
      Implement /reposts-for
      Add Due field to jobs and write the migration
      Add repost markers to posts
      Do not let edit reposts on front-end
      Implement activity sending I guess
      Make some fixes to the activities
      Save reposts to DB
      Fix something
      Fix saving to DB
      Fix timestamp parsing
      Link repost list page
      Rename reposts-for to reposts-of
      Let edit reposts' tags
      Update FEDERATION.md
      Implement repost cancellations
      Percent-unescape links when showing them
      Fix the bug with the Value column
      Do not send notification of non-public reposts
      Reorganize the jobs package a little, document how to add new job kinds
      Implement unreposting
      Require confirmation for unreposting with a tick
      Mark Repost page as (experimental)
      Update README.md and About for the new release