v1.0.0 11 months ago

Betula v1.0.0

This is the first proper release. Things will never be the
same. Update promptly if you used Betula before or install
promptly if you did not.

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v1.0.0.html

Danila Gorelko (3):
      Remove paginator if there is only one page
      Fix calculating total pages logic
      Add bookmarklet

Timur Ismagilov (37):
      Redesign a little
      Implement initial searching
      Actually implement searching
      Keep search query in the search bar
      Write tests for search
      Write tag query to the searchbar on tag pages
      Update layout of the sidebars
      Debt: Do not use the magic number in settings.go
      Debt: Simplify the port logic, remove the two types
      Implement custom CSS
      Implement paginator v1
      Implement rel="next/prev" for the paginator
      Make paginator look cool!
      Add paginator to tag and search pages
      Make finishing touches to the paginator
      Debt: Wrap all admin-only handlers in adminOnly
      Debt: Drop non-GET/POST requests
      Add the web testing to the build manifest
      Fix the manifest
      Make search case-insensitive
      Adjust design a little
      Fix some paginator misbehaviours
      Increase line height
      Do not escape HTML in Site title setting when rendering
      Change description margins to something more rhythmic
      Squeeze in more stuff on the Save/Edit link page
      Help: Make a carcass for the future work
      Add a temporary workaround for musl and sqlite3 lib.
      Help: Write index.myco
      Help: Implement the view
      Help: Document search
      Help: Document Mycomarkup
      Mycomarkup: Add styles
      Help: Add link to docs
      About: Change version to 1.0
      Help: Write basic Betula feature overview
      Fix wrong color button when the user prefers dark theme

ninedraft (1):
      add hostname settings (#1)