v0.7.0 1 year, 4 months ago

Betula 0.7.0

This release contains security fixes, so you really should update. Not
only that, there are many good features to try!

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v0.7.0.html

Danila Gorelko (12):
      Add optional port argument
      Fix running at 1738 always if no port is provided
      Fix storing wrong port after changing it from UI
      Adds port validation inside SetNetworkPort()
      Allow Title/URL mix up
      Add basic edit category
      Change css for del button if checkbox is disabled
      Fix https://todo.sr.ht/~bouncepaw/betula/21
      Update edit category behaviour
      Add submit another link checkbox.
      Hotfix templates
      Get the latest post depending on your auth status

Timur Ismagilov (25):
      Implement /settings
      Refactor template invocations, so settings can be taken into account
      Restart server at changed port
      Make finishing touches to the settings
      Do some rewording
      Add access key for /save-link
      Make a slight redesign
      Show total number of bookmarks on Bookmarks and Category
      Write out all BetulaMeta keys as constants
      Implement the site description setting
      Migrate to new db schema: 2
      Add the missing .mv-category
      Adjust Makefile
      Position the elements in .about-post differently
      Add a new setting: Site name
      Check for rights on /save-link
      Follow up on the patch
      Implement category descriptions
      Ignore private posts in /about for the unauthorized
      Update /about
      Check auth on /go/
      Check for empty Title and URL on /save-link
      Do not complain about no specified port for new Betulae
      Update README.md

Umar Getagazov (1):
      Add autocompletion for category inputs