v1.0.0 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

Betula v1.0.0

This is the first proper release. Things will never be the
same. Update promptly if you used Betula before or install
promptly if you did not.

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v1.0.0.html

Danila Gorelko (3):
      Remove paginator if there is only one page
      Fix calculating total pages logic
      Add bookmarklet

Timur Ismagilov (37):
      Redesign a little
      Implement initial searching
      Actually implement searching
      Keep search query in the search bar
      Write tests for search
      Write tag query to the searchbar on tag pages
      Update layout of the sidebars
      Debt: Do not use the magic number in settings.go
      Debt: Simplify the port logic, remove the two types
      Implement custom CSS
      Implement paginator v1
      Implement rel="next/prev" for the paginator
      Make paginator look cool!
      Add paginator to tag and search pages
      Make finishing touches to the paginator
      Debt: Wrap all admin-only handlers in adminOnly
      Debt: Drop non-GET/POST requests
      Add the web testing to the build manifest
      Fix the manifest
      Make search case-insensitive
      Adjust design a little
      Fix some paginator misbehaviours
      Increase line height
      Do not escape HTML in Site title setting when rendering
      Change description margins to something more rhythmic
      Squeeze in more stuff on the Save/Edit link page
      Help: Make a carcass for the future work
      Add a temporary workaround for musl and sqlite3 lib.
      Help: Write index.myco
      Help: Implement the view
      Help: Document search
      Help: Document Mycomarkup
      Mycomarkup: Add styles
      Help: Add link to docs
      About: Change version to 1.0
      Help: Write basic Betula feature overview
      Fix wrong color button when the user prefers dark theme

ninedraft (1):
      add hostname settings (#1)

v0.8.0 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Betula v0.8.0

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v0.8.0.html

Danila Gorelko (13):
      Swap new/old save time in about.gohtml
      Display posts in descending order for /day/
      Add underline for date-link
      Fixes delete confirmation checkbox
      Fixes https://todo.sr.ht/~bouncepaw/betula/32
      Add handlers for 404 and 401, make universal template for status codes
      Sort categories by name in post view.
      Add categories for posts in /day/...
      Adds duplication prevention of descriptions.
      Adds Delete category feature
      Moves markers inside list items
      Renames categories to tags just for UI
      Implement title fetching

Timur Ismagilov (45):
      Implement /day/
      Wrap <pre>
      Pad the stamp with zeroes for /day/.
      Daily digests WIP
      Write tests for LinkCount and AddPost
      Write a manifest for builds.sr.ht
      Update the manifest for builds.sr.ht
      Break queries.go into multiple files
      Fix the build manifest
      Test everything in queries_sessions.go
      Test queries_cat.go
      Implement the site URL setting
      Write a test for the last five days thingy
      Add <link> on the feed page that links the digest
      Set cookies' SameSite to Lax
      Load the autocomplete script only when needed
      Write a test for a future lexer
      Implement Lex
      Reorganize lexing into one step, rewrite it
      Write more lexing tests
      Search language: Change cat: to #
      Write some tests for a future parser
      Play around
      Fix .build.yml finally
      Implement the per-post feed
      Show a notice about being already being logged in
      Tag interface update
      On post pages, do not use the small type
      Rename many tag-related functions so they actually mention tags
      Start implementing a teehee-inducing shell-based testing system
      Fix some templates re: tags
      Write and debug some tests in the new shiny system
      Fix the script a little so it would work on other machines
      Fix a template
      Rename categories to tags in the front-end
      Rename categories to tags in the database
      Add a little border to the left of the quotes
      Pick a cuter background color.
      Add tag count field on /about
      Implement /text/
      Change URL of posts in /posts-rss
      Mark up a link to /posts-rss
      Add a message that tells the unauthorized it is impossible to register
      Feed individual posts without the one-day delay
      Update README.md

v0.7.0 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Betula 0.7.0

This release contains security fixes, so you really should update. Not
only that, there are many good features to try!

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v0.7.0.html

Danila Gorelko (12):
      Add optional port argument
      Fix running at 1738 always if no port is provided
      Fix storing wrong port after changing it from UI
      Adds port validation inside SetNetworkPort()
      Allow Title/URL mix up
      Add basic edit category
      Change css for del button if checkbox is disabled
      Fix https://todo.sr.ht/~bouncepaw/betula/21
      Update edit category behaviour
      Add submit another link checkbox.
      Hotfix templates
      Get the latest post depending on your auth status

Timur Ismagilov (25):
      Implement /settings
      Refactor template invocations, so settings can be taken into account
      Restart server at changed port
      Make finishing touches to the settings
      Do some rewording
      Add access key for /save-link
      Make a slight redesign
      Show total number of bookmarks on Bookmarks and Category
      Write out all BetulaMeta keys as constants
      Implement the site description setting
      Migrate to new db schema: 2
      Add the missing .mv-category
      Adjust Makefile
      Position the elements in .about-post differently
      Add a new setting: Site name
      Check for rights on /save-link
      Follow up on the patch
      Implement category descriptions
      Ignore private posts in /about for the unauthorized
      Update /about
      Check auth on /go/
      Check for empty Title and URL on /save-link
      Do not complain about no specified port for new Betulae
      Update README.md

Umar Getagazov (1):
      Add autocompletion for category inputs

v0.5.0 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Betula v0.5.0

This tag is the first pre-release of Betula. It marks the
end of the Alpha era, and the beginning of the Beta era.

Release notes:

=> https://betula.mycorrhiza.wiki/v0.5.0.html

Timur Ismagilov (77):
      Write README.md
      Fix Markdown
      Implement saving and listing the links
      Choose LICENSE
      Add globes and timestamps, style a bit
      Move the Add Link form on a separate page
      Fit layout for smaller screens
      Implement Go-links
      Update README.md
      Implement post views
      Do some visual design, adapt for mobile
      Validate added URL
      Write template utilities
      Implement /about
      Change naming in the DB to PascalCase
      Show Add link in <main>, when no links saved
      Implement categories display
      Name categories categories properly
      Draw categories of the post in cute little gray pills
      Work on visuals
      Implement category views
      Reduce boilerplate
      List categories on /cat/
      Rename Add link to Save link
      Implement the auth package
      Implement the register form
      Implement the authentication backend
      Implement the authentication views, but broken
      Fix auth
      Get rid of unneeded variables in package auth
      Show private posts to the authorized only
      Implement the 404 page
      Save description of links
      Edit links
      Save link: Refactor and redesign
      Save link: Redesign
      Redesign the way posts look
      Reverse the order of posts in feeds
      Hide protocols for links
      Center main, use less white background
      Add Betula title to <nav>
      Make further design updates
      Add accessible description for the globi and locks
      Render Mycomarkup in descriptions
      Fix at least three bugs
      Make the category input
      Store categories without ids
      Implement category editing
      Fix empty category being allowed
      Make forms look a little more consistent
      Save links public by default
      Fix categories not being saved for new posts
      Change textarea's font to sans-serif
      Limit the number of concurrent writes
      Revert "Limit the number of concurrent writes"
      Do not use channels anymore
      Limit the number of concurrent writes
      Draft the deletion form
      Implement migration 0 -> 1
      Fix queries to they consider deleted posts
      Implement deletion
      Hide private categories for the unauthorized
      Fix extra long things breaking layout
      Implement Post.FixMeUp
      Update Mycomarkup to v5.4.0
      Make the heading bigger on standalone post pages
      Add basic microformats2 classes
      Show post count on /cat/
      Turn off auto complete for the link form
      Ignore all .betula files in .gitignore
      Embrace border-box
      Change microformats
      Deprecate .src-url class
      Refactor /cat/
      Update README.md
      Show 404 for non-numeric /post/...
      Go from alpha to beta