Fix timestamp parsing
Fix saving to DB
Save reposts to DB
Make some fixes to the activities
Implement activity sending I guess

Not tested and not fully implemented probably. I'm commiting to clear my mind.
Do not let edit reposts on front-end

Fixes: https://todo.sr.ht/~bouncepaw/betula/76
Add repost markers to posts
Add Due field to jobs and write the migration
Implement /reposts-for

Further modifications to the database schema are needed!
Show Settings on the first run after registration
Fix wrong number of posts when unauthorized

Fixes: https://todo.sr.ht/~bouncepaw/betula/80
Rearrange main() a little
Fix startup crash
Rewrite the job manager

No custom DB driver anymore!
Rewrite inbox with my activities package
Start implementing my own Activities thingy

Also test it and start writing FEDERATION.md
Express my magic
Move test casting to Makefile
Cast go get ./...