Republish under CC0
Remove $should_use_semicolon? variable
Add $should_use_semicolon? variable
Rename agidel.lisp to agidel.agl
Add enquote.c.agl
Delete disbracket.agidel for some reason
Update .gitignore
Make enquote not quote car
Add wrap_string syntrans
Add enquote syntrans
Add disbracket.agidel

An attempt to rewrite disbracket ST to Agidel/C. Not all macros in it
are implemented yet, but will be someday.
Use new version of Agidel/sh in agidel.lisp
Make using the transpiler safer
New version of Agidel transpiler

Now with almost clear namespace
Now Agidel is done with Agidel/sh
Rename the file. Finish it. Agidel is finished?
Delete the doc
This is the new life. Add `agidel-wrapper.c`
Move everything to legacy
Just save changes here. REDO AEVAL ASAP