Republish under CC0
Make `prepare` use new `<aeval>` object
Make `run` use new `<aeval>` object

I really like it :)
Add extra slash that I removed recently
Fix signature searching
Make syntranses add `/agidel` instead of `/agidel/`

That extra slash is included in Agidel macros' original names now
Fix evaling in `run`
Add missing parenthesis to `run`
Correct dependencies in eggfile
Add `main` to `run` syntrans
Add disclaimer to `README.md`
Delete `roadmap.org`, because `cyb.org` exists at the main repo
Create `run` syntrans placeholder
Update `agidel-syntrans.egg`
Delete `install-syntranses.sh`

Syntranses used to be installed in `$AGIDEL_DIR/syntrans`, and this
script moved them there. Since that's not how they are installed,
there is no need in this script.
Make `prepare` work correctly
Refactor `prepare`
Fix `normal-signature`
Restructure `main` @ `prepare`