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builds.sr.ht status

a gemini frontend to the fediverse (specifically, Mastodon and Pleroma instances).

by boringcactus.

currently mostly awful.


  1. get a gemifedi binary through either method:

    a. cargo install --git https://git.sr.ht/~boringcactus/gemifedi.

    b. hit up the latest passing build and download the Linux binary from the Artifacts panel.

  2. run gemifedi localhost to attach it to localhost, or run gemifedi --help for more comprehensive options.

  3. open the gemini link that gets printed by gemifedi.

  4. run through the authentication prompts.

  5. tada! your timeline, ugly but technically rendered, via Gemini.

#demo instance (i promise not to snoop on your timeline but i technically could so if you don't trust me don't trust me)


#bruh this code isn't quite as bad as it used to be but still sucks

i am aware of that. it'll get fixed eventually. the error handling is the main thing i want to fix next.