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    However, there is no internal indication of which type of data is actually being stored in the union.
    As such, in non-trivial cases no compiler can predict which field is or is not valid, and any statement which reads a field of a fragile union must itself be a :crowbar:ref:`FragileStatement`.

    .. todo::
    The size of a fragile union is the largest size of any of its members.
    The address of each member is the address of the union object itself.
    The member which was most recently set will retain its value.
    Reading another member with size no larger than the most recently set member will interpret the first bytes of the most recently set member as a value of the type of the member being read.

    For example, the functions ``test1`` and ``test2`` are equivalent::

        fragile union Example {
            float32 float_data;
            uint32 uint_data;

        explain memory layout of fragile unions
        uint32 test1(float32 arg) {
            union Example temp;
            temp.float_data = arg;
            fragile return temp.uint_data;

        uint32 test2(float32 arg) {
            float32* temp = &arg;
            fragile uint32* temp_casted = (uint32*)temp;
            return *temp_casted;