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#My main website!

This website is an indieweb-enabled digital garden with dynamic taxonomies, aliases, gemini, scss, ts, and lots of love.

#Some notes for developers

I like to think this website is pretty cool, I've taken great care to design it in such a way that it is very flexible (although mind that the stylesheets are heavily customized)

No taxonomies, be that tags, dates, or "in" properties, are hardcoded. That does not mean nothing is hardcoded though. 11ty does hot handle taxonomies in a very good way, so this introduces dependence on collectionsControl.json and tagList.json


Feel free to do whatever the fuck you want, provided you abide by the included LICENSE.md file. This includes adding pages, squashing bugs, and tiny improvements. It's all welcome here!

I encourage all visitors to submit a PR adding a line to

  • src/components/deets/greatings.txt (Hi, Hello, Hola, etc) or
  • src/components/deets/isdoingstuffagain.txt (Evan Boehs is (verb|adjective))

Be creative, everything is welcome (probably).