a web browser from scratch with simplicity in mind
Fix clippy warnings
Add some tests to container
Fix float check panic


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#prowser - a web browser with privacy and speed in mind

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This project is in development and has not been audited.

I think we need a new web browser which pledges to approach the web problem on the grounds of simplicity, stability, performance, and security, and declares a subset of the web standards as blessed and implements only those. I wouldn't invite JavaScript.



  1. usability: be an alternative to chromium and firefox. and still be usable by normal users (no cli browser)

  2. privacy: defaults to protect privacy

  3. speed: be as fast as possible

  • open source (GPL3)
  • no data collection
  • no tracking
  • no telemetry
  • no remote control
  • no accounts
  • no unsave password store
  • no bloat
  • no referer
  • no freemium


  • Markdown support
  • RSS, Atom and JSON feed detection
  • Tab theme color


  1. On Arch: Install sdl2_image, sdl2_ttf