update tests, too
move build commands to Deno tasks
deno: bump stdlib
upgrade to Deno 1.28 and its new lock system
use stricter type checking enforced in Deno 1.25
upgrade Deno stdlib
readme: add build status
deps: bump Deno stdlib to 0.145

In addition to mechnically going to the newest Deno stdlib, this also
updates the collections/ inclusions to follow contemporary best
practices, which avoid using the mod.ts.

Fixes: https://todo.sr.ht/~bmp/hayom/10
add deno.json for building dependencies
deps: bump Deno stdlib to 0.144
tests: typecheck
deps: bump Deno stdlib to 0.142
deps: bump Deno stdlib to 0.136
update dependencies and Deno version
readme: fix up community docs